YooShoot is a whole new way to film your Wedding day.
Unlike a traditional wedding video, we put our easy-to-use cameras in the hands of the people who know you best: your friends and family. While you’re busy getting married, your guests are passing around our HD cameras; filming the REAL wedding as it happens — the laughter & tears; the personal messages; the ceremonies; the personal moments before, during and after the event — everything an outsider would never normally get.
When the Big Day is over, you send us all your marvellous footage and we do the hard work of shot selection, music pairing, titles, effects and editing to build you a wedding video you’ll always want to watch —
not just a documentary, but a video filled with the heart and soul that makes a truly great wedding.

Everything you’ll need; delivered in advance.

Choose the YooShoot camera package that best suits your wedding size and we’ll deliver it to you 2 days ahead of The Big Day so you can film the preparations; the pre-wedding jitters; the girls getting ready and guys doing what they do before getting hitched. Show us a tradional 8hr wedding videographer who can do all that!

The filming part is fun.

Decide which of your friends will be most likely to enjoy using the cameras and getting all the fun (and traditional) shots. They’ll have access to tips & techniques on our website – it’s easy, but with a little preparation everyone will know what to expect. Once the filming gets going, it takes on a life of its own and it it’s actually hard to get people to put the cameras down!

Footage is sent to Hollywood for editing…

Our editors will view all the footage and piece together a movie that’s loaded with all the up close & personal, behind the scenes moments and all the traditional shots. Complete with music, sub-titles, and cool graphics.

…and publish to a private URL for sharing.

We deliver your HD video online (but privately) so you can choose to share it as you see fit. You can post it right to your Facebook page if you like, or keep it private and viewable only with a password. Your call.